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Jacquard Rapier Loom Machine (YJ 766)

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Jacquard Rapier Loom Machine (YJ 766)

We have divided our infrastructure into different units including packaging unit wherein we pack our offerings meticulously to circumvent loss during transit. We firmly abide with our terms and agreements in regards of Payment and its Time Schedule. Our payment methods are practical and simple. We provide multiple payment options.

Technical Specfication

Reed Width 220cm, 230cm, 260cm, 250cm, 280cm, 320cm, 360cm.
Speed 200-250 Rpm
Weft Seleection 6-8 Colours (Electoric or Mehanical)
Dia of warp beam Terry beam Ф800mm : ground beam Ф650mm
Dia of rolling-up beam Ф400mm
Let-off Type Up and down warp yarn are both adopt induction types electric let-off
Terry rasing type actuating motor control terry height
Height of terry 2~12mm, adjust from 2 to 12 times by program, it can weave wave type terry
Shedding mechanism Double lift clear shedding
Return Type Elastic Return
Jacquard shedding height 110mm
Jacquard needle quantity According To the different electric jacquard type (1408, 2688, etc.)
Transmission type Vertical spindle driving
Electronic control PLC, Imported P.L.C (Programmable logic controller)
Motor Power 3.5 KW
Weight 2500~2900 kgs

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