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Dobby Rapier Loom Machine (YJ 2000B)

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Dobby Rapier Loom Machine (YJ 2000B)

For the production of our finished products, we source the raw materials only from the certified and trusted vendors after checking against numerous quality parameters. Having a wide network, we work on all Payment Terms as per the suitability of our patrons. Our payment procedures are reliable and legal. We do not impose hidden charges.

Technical Specfication

Reed Width 220cm, 230cm, 260cm, 250cm, 280cm, 320cm, 360cm.
Speed 150-200 Rpm
Weft Seleection 6-8 Colours (Electoric or Mehanical)
Dia of warp beam Terry beam Ф600mm ground beam Ф600mm
Dia of rolling-up beam Ф400mm
Let-off Type Mechanical or electronical
Terry rasing type Producing terry by Movable reed
Height of terry (mm) 2~12, Stepless Adustment from 2 to 12 times
Shedding mechanism Electronical or Mechanical dobby – cam shedding – electonical jacquard
Weft Stop Piezoeletric control
Warp Stop 2 rows electric warp stop
Electronic control PLC : Imported P.L.C (Programmable logic controller)
Motor Power 1.8 KW~2.2 KW
Weight 1900~2300 kgs

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